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WHAT IS TECH? | What is net neutrality?

ThinkAuthority's Editor explains net neutrality. The recent historic vote by the FCC in favor of net neutrality will have a decisive impact on the future of the internet. But when did the pursuit of net neutrality began? And what exactly is it? Portions of this episode are excerpted from the State of the Net conference. http://www.stateofthenet.org

WHAT IS TECH? | What is a smartphone?

ThinkAuthority's Editor Dieter explains smartphones. The iPhone and Android have made smartphones ubiquitous. But when did cell phones become smartphones? And what makes them so smart anyway?

WHAT IS TECH? | What is fan fiction?

ThinkAuthority's Entertainment Editor Emily explains fan fiction. This past week's Fifty Shades of Grey film adaptation made a staggering amount of money, but did you know the series began as Twilight fan fiction? And that fan fiction owes its prominence to technology?

WHAT IS TECH? | What are smartwatches?

ThinkAuthority's smartwatch expert Dan explains smartwatches. People have been clamoring for something like the smartwatch since the days of Dick Tracy, but will the new crop of smartwatches meet our futuristic expectations?

WHAT IS TECH? | What are drones?

ThinkAuthority's Business Editor and drone expert Ben explains drones, the flying unmanned aerial devices flying over battlefields, metropolises, and Popper's own backyard.

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